Espresso soap from log mold.

About Us


I began making handmade cold process soap (you know the kind great grandma made - with enchancements) for my family as an alternative to the harsh products available in today's market and we quickly fell in love with the simplistic natural products that can be created. As I grew as a maker with new products, so did my desire to create more.


Every batch of every item I create is tested by me before it is made available to my customers. All cold process soap is cured for four to six weeks*, PH tested and tested by me before it is available for sale. 

When I had to decide on a business name, I could settle for no other than the inspiration for my creations but my youngest daughter that I love and adore... Camilla Rose 

Now I hope to share my products for you and your family to enjoy. 

Raquel Rose,

Owner and Saponifier Extraordinare

*Unless otherwise noted in the listing(s).

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